5 Essential items to have in car in case of breakdown

29/07/2013 English, 汽車

Car breakdowns can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. But, by simply keeping a few essential items in your car, you can ensure that if the worst happen you will be safe and comfortable while waiting for help.
1. Mobile phone
Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days but it’s important that you keep it charged. An in-car charger will let you keep it topped up when you’re on the go, meaning that if you do need to use it for an emergency, you’ll be able to do so.
2. Contact details
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If you have roadside assistance service, make sure you keep their contact details and number in the car. It is also worth keeping a detail of your preferred choice of garage services to give to the tow truck driver. It is also important to keep your insurance company information in case if you are involved in an accident. So you can contact your insurance company for further assistance.
3. Emergency Road ’kit’
These are a few items you should keep in a box or a bag in your trunk/boot at all times.
– A foot pump, for inflating the spare tyre/tire to the correct pressure.
– Booster Cable-in case if you need a boost due to battery outage
– A torch, in case you break down in the dark. A head torch is also a good idea as it leaves you ‘hands-free’ to deal with things.
– A reflective warning triangle to place behind your car if you have to leave it on the road. It will help other motorists see you well in advance.
– A first aid kit.
– High visibility vests for all occupants – very useful if you have to leave the car and sit on the verge or banking.
4. Spare clothes
You should always have extra clothing with you in case you need to leave the car and sit outside while waiting for assistance. What you take will depend on the season. In winter, you should take some warm, waterproof clothing with you. If the weather is particularly bad, you might want to consider a sleeping bag or a down jacket too. In warmer weather, an extra jumper or light waterproof will be sufficient.
5. Food and drink
It’s a good idea to keep some emergency food and drink supplies in your car. A couple of bottles of water and some cake bars or chocolate should be enough to keep you comfortable and hydrated if you do break down. When heading out in winter, you should take a flask of tea or other hot drink in case you have to wait in the cold.
It is hard to stay calm and collective when your car broke down, but try your best and it will smooth the process out.


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