How to deal with the aftermath of a car crash

12/07/2013 English, 汽車

A car crash is a terrible experience for anyone to endure and, in the immediate aftermath of one, most people will either be too seriously injured or too much in shock to do very much. Ideally, if you have been the innocent victim in a car crash, you would want to secure as much relevant information as you possibly can, as soon as possible. However, in reality, you are likely to be unable to do this straightaway for the reasons mentioned above.
If you are not seriously injured in the crash and when you have recovered sufficiently from the shock, it is still possible to secure information that can be relevant to any later compensation claim, by re-visiting the scene of the accident, and taking notes. The evidence you can secure this way will certainly be of considerable help you, should you decide to make a claim. Ideally, any such visit should be conducted as soon as you possibly can, and you should try to get photographic evidence as well as written notes. Amongst the most important pieces of information you need to try to get are the time and date of the accident, contact details of the driver, passengers and pedestrians who were involved in the accident, the insurance details of the other driver(s) involved and any vehicle details – such as registrations numbers, make and model details of the cars. This information will assist you in supporting your claim, as the next stage is to approach your insurance company to seek for advice before submitting the claim. If you require required hospital treatment, you may secure any documentation relating to this – such as the medical records or x-rays – which may require further during the claim’s process.


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