Top Reasons To Buy Comprehensive Car Insurance

02/07/2013 English, 汽車

Choosing a cheap car insurance option instead of opting for Comprehensive Cover may seem sensible at the time, but what happens when you drive carefully and park your car safely only to return and find it damaged or worse still, stolen?

“If you’re a cautious driver with no history of auto accidents, you may think you need only minimal insurance coverage. However, nobody can predict when a vehicle is going to be damaged… In the same way, many people think that only expensive luxury cars are targets for theft, but older vehicles are often prime targets for theft because there is a great demand for their parts.” Department of Motor
If your car is essential to your daily life, cheapest is not always best when it comes to Hong Kong car insurance. Of course you want to keep your insurance costs to a minimum, but if you opt for the cheapest third-party policy, your vehicle and property will not be covered in the event of an accident.
“Third-party covers you for any damage you cause to another person’s vehicle, and gives protection for any passengers in your car.
Therefore, if you’re in an accident and it’s your fault, you’ll have to pay for any repairs to your own car yourself, as your insurance won’t cover it. It may be more expensive because it’s assumed you care less about your car and are therefore more likely to have an accident.”
In fact, it makes better financial sense to take out Comprehensive Cover for any car that you couldn’t afford to repair or replace were it to be damaged or written off. Especially when you consider that with Direct Asia you don’t get charged agency fees and you can save up to 40% on commission by buying online.
Direct Asia offers you the opportunity to upgrade to a competitive Comprehensive policy so you can be sure that if you have an accident with or without any Third-Party vehicle, or your car is stolen, damaged by fire, or natural perils you will be covered. You can even build your own car insurance policy, giving you extra peace of mind, often for less than the amount you spend on lunch each day.
Buying your Hong Kong car insurance doesn’t have to be costly and complicated. At DirectAsia we make insurance easy and affordable without cutting corners on your cover or service. You can get a quick quote, buy your policy and receive immediate cover all within a matter of minutes. No more waiting in traffic jams or standing in queues. Click here for an instant free quote today and see for yourself how easy it is!


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