5 useful tips for women drivers

03/11/2015 English

Every woman may hear a joke or even a complaint about “women drivers”. Though it’s no longer the days for male to dominate the role of drivers, people nowadays still look down, or even discriminate female drivers! This time, the Editor is going to share the 5 useful driving tips for women for you to fight back!

  1. Find a reliable driving instructor

Make this your number one rule: don’t ever let your father, husband or boyfriend teach you how to drive. Instead, you should find a professional instructor or a friend with a lot of patience. Naturally, it’ll take some time for you to learn how to drive as long as both you and your instructor have patience and build trust with each other.

  1. Practice more

As we all know, practice makes perfect. This goes for driving too! You can’t expect to be a good driver if you are going to drive only once every couple of months or only a “Sunday Driver”. Driving is all about putting yourself out there and being involved in different situations. The more you drive, the more you will learn and you will become a better driver.

  1. Master your parking

One of the biggest problems for women drivers is parking. Quite a lot of women are really not good at parking a car. And they sometimes even scratch their cars while parking. Of course, this can also be avoided by practice. The Editor suggests that instead of going shopping or enjoying high tea sets, take a weekend afternoon and find a semi-empty parking lot or parking space with less cars passed by to park your car as many times as you wish. After some practices, you will get much better!

  1. Don’t be scared of driving

Try to relax while you’re driving. Even if you do something wrong, acknowledge that, apologize if necessary and just keep driving. On the road, you will discover people are generally nervous while driving and there will always be someone who honks for no particular reason. Ignore them and just drive.

  1. Pay attention to other people or cars around you

You need to understand that you are not alone on the road. So, you will need to pay attention to other people and cars around you. Also, don’t play loud music and absolutely don’t have your makeup while stopping at a red light.

In fact, women don’t need to believe the myth that they will never be better than a man on driving. Now, you’ve got the above 5 useful driving tips. The Editor believes that you will become an excellent driver one day in future!

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