A safe and smooth merging

04/10/2016 English


Rear-end collisions often occur when merging. It sounds dangerous and difficult to handle for some drivers as it can come in a very short time. Accuracy and the right decision will be required for a safe and smooth merging. Let’s share how you can minimize the risk and merge safely!

As you approach the merge lane, keep plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead in order to give you time to react to potentially dangerous situations. At the same time, check traffic on the roadway to determine if you should slow down or stop at the entrance to the merge lane. If you’re uncertain at the moment, slow down your car and keep observing to make sure you won’t make any uncertain or wrong judgment!

If it’s clear, use the merge lane to match your speed with the roadway traffic. Look for spaces in traffic where you can fit in and then merge when it’s safe. High concentration and good judgment on your own speed will be critical for this step.

Try to avoid stopping as vehicles following you may not be expecting this! If you think you may have to stop, tap your brakes lightly to alert drivers behind you. Also, it may be hard to accelerate quickly enough from a stopped position to safely merge into traffic. Traffic should move into the further lane, if possible, to accommodate merging vehicles.

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