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Off road driving sounds very exciting and challenging! But it not necessarily refers to driving up the mountains and down to the water. You may describe it as off road driving when driving on roads of low quality in the country side, in the woods or any other area. Safe is of course the first priority for driving. We may also know about some of the basic knowledge and skills about off-road driving which may help us some day!

Drive slowly

When you participate in off road driving and the area is unknown, don’t drive fast! You can simply not notice a rock or a log.

Pay attention to your measurement devices

Don’t forget to check the indications of the measurement devices of your car from time to time. It is not very funny if you run out of the fuel or overheat the engine during your adventure tour because of insufficient attention.

Use low gear, low RPM

When driving in the off road area, you should use low gear with the optimal speed. Unless you have an obstacle to overcome in the front, engine RPM should be low. A good off road driver knows when to push and when to let go with the accelerator pedal!

Get out of the car before the obstacle

If you are not sure of how to overcome the obstacle that is in front of your road, you may get out of the car and make the decision after a walk. Say swampy places will always have roundabout routes.

Don’t change gear in the middle of the obstacle

For off road driving, it’s important to estimate immediately what gear you should use to overcome the particular obstacle. Any form of shifting gears in the middle of the obstacle can make your car to stop. Cars with automatic transmission can also loose part of the traction and the necessary power if you shift the gears.

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