Annoying things your passengers will do in the car

14/04/2016 English


As a driver, you must have ever got your passengers on the car some time. Some of them know how to drive, but some of them do not. And some of them like to think that they are good passengers. But the fact turns out that there are some things done that they don’t even realize just how annoying they can be for the driver! Let’s take a look at the following annoying behaviours. Have you ever met some passengers with these features?

Eating in the car

Most drivers can’t stand people eating in their car. Some will be nicer about it than others, but most get a little frantic as soon as a passenger whips out an extra-large packet of crisps or a multipack of chocolate!

Bringing dirt into the car

Most drivers love their cars and don’t want any dirt found in the car. Muddy feet and wet bodies are especially high on the list of annoyances for them. Also, if your passengers get out of the car and leave their fast food wrappers or empty coke bottles on the seats or car floor. You may probably get crazy!

Keep talking

It depends on who the passenger is! Some drivers don’t mind this. But most drivers find someone talking to them constantly annoying after a while.

Comments on the music played

There is nothing more annoying than a passenger keep giving comments on the music played or requesting for playing other music types. It’s even worse when they don’t share your taste in music!

Constantly fiddling with the controls

This really peeves off a lot of drivers, especially constantly winding up and down the windows!

Asking “Are we nearly getting there?”

What a classic question! This is almost universally hated amongst drivers. But frankly, if this question is asked by a child, will you feel more comfortable as a driver? The answer may be “YES”!


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