The largest water world in Australia — Gold Coast’s Wet ‘n’ Wild

17/11/2016 English


As the most famous coastal city and holiday paradise in Australia, there are plenty of attractions and activities for which visitors can get wet! In addition to the many beautiful beaches, there are actually many theme parks in Gold Coast, including the largest water world in Australia — Wet’ n ‘Wild!

Wet 'n' Wild
You can not sleep too late for going to Wet’ n ‘Wild, as the TX2 bus starting from Surfers Paradise to there will have its last service at 11am! Of course, it will be much more convenient for self-driving tourists. Wet’ n ‘Wild offers a free parking lot with a lot of parking space.

Wet 'n' Wild
Being the largest water world in Australia, every water slide and game you have ever played or watched on the internet will be available here. There are over 10 different water slides with different lengths and levels in the park. They are not only belong to the ones who love to play and look for exciting moments, but also suitable for families.

Wet’ n ‘Wild provides a lot of computer-operated lockers for you to keep your personal belongings. But what makes the Editor feel disappointed is that sports camera like GoPro is prohibited for all water slides in the park. That means we will not be able to take any exciting videos there. The most anticipated and scary water slide must be AquaLoop, for which the motion is just like “toilet flushing"! It can start with four visitors at a time. When they go into the space-capsule-like entrance and get locked by the crew, the floor will open and they will fall straight in 90 degrees after hearing the countdown of “three, two, one”. This water slide is really exciting. And it’s also the one which make you drink the pool water most!

Wet 'n' Wild
Other exciting water slides like Kamikaze, Black Hole and Sidewinder have got their own characteristics. Of course, the classic “big speaker" water slide, Tornado, is also available in the park. To get wet in Wet’ n ‘Wild, you will need some power for your hands and foot. Because every time you try a water slide, you will need to go up for a lot of stairs in order to reach the top of the starting point. And the giant lifebuoy necessary for sliding is very heavy too!

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