Avoid accidents in a car park

23/06/2016 English


Three very similar cases of accident had been happened in a car park during the past few months, a car was “driving out” of the car park directly from upper levels and crushing to the ground! Accidents in car parks can and do happen, whether it’s simply a bump, scratch or something more serious. Learn from the following simple guides to keep you safe and avoid any possible loss!

Drive slowly

It doesn’t matter what speed the car park is set at. There’s always someone not stick to it! It’s not only important to drive the speed limit for legal reasons, but also for safety reasons. Think about it for a few minutes! If you drive fast around a busy car park, the chances of having an accident are greatly increased. By driving slowly, you are giving yourself more time to stop in case you need to, whether you’re avoiding other cars pulling out of parking spaces or pedestrians walking to and from their vehicles.

Check carefully

Always check your mirrors and look around you to make sure that your path is clear before you decide to pull out or go to park in a parking space.

Concentrate on driving

Car park is somewhere with relatively less sunlight and lots of cars parked. You can only drive in one single direction with no backwards or U-turns. Make sure you are getting well-prepared before you start your car in a car park. Busy for things like setting your Bluetooth speaker, tidying up your driving seat and searching for your Octopus Card will only distract driving and increase the chances of accidents. So, concentrate on driving once you’ve started your car from the parking space!

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