Bad Driving Habits

25/11/2015 English


For some drivers, we find that the more they drive, the more egregious on-road habits they develop. Say we’ve seen drivers switching three lanes at a time without any signal! Or you’ve ever heard the unnecessary honking that only contributes to noise pollution nearby! This time, the Editor has identified the bad driving habits seen in Hong Kong and the recommended changes for a more pleasant and safer driving experience.

When driving on highways, you should stay in your lane unless there’s a special condition. If you are a relatively slow driver, take the far-left lane and don’t hog the fast-lane.

It’s also important for drivers to behave in a parking lot! Parking should be done within your own box unless you have plans to pay for two spots. It’s a very common bad practice for drivers in Hong Kong. You should always let the drivers trying to leave go first. While exiting the car park, your Octopus Card or valet ticket should be always ready. It may be faster to exit via the opposite way. But it can be very dangerous when you find yourself head-to-head on a one-way lane in the car park!

A lot of drivers will ignore the presence of passengers and perform some driving behaviours which bring influence to them. When you’ve got passengers on the car, you should go easy on the brakes to avoid whiplash for them. Adjust the driver’s seat to make sure the backseat passengers will have enough leg room. And there are some more things that the driver should not do when passengers are on the car, like acting like a road rage by shouting or prolonged honking, trying to impress your passengers by acceleration or even speeding, etc.

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