Bad habits that reduce a car’s value

10/06/2016 English


All car owners have to accept that a new car’s value decreases by a certain percentage as soon as the odometer rolls to 1! We cannot prevent this but we can do something at least. Here are a few bad habits you can avoid to mitigate any further depreciation on your new car!

Failing to keep clean

Things like rocks and bird poop on the road will wear away a new car’s finish and detract from its overall resale value. New car owners should be mindful of dirt and grime that can build up both inside and out of your car. If possible, have a car wash by hand every week and a full and detailed wash at least 4 times a year. Besides, keeping a clean engine bay immensely improves your car’s resale value too.

Customizing your car

Adding a body kit or exhaust system can personalize a car, but will consequently reduce the pool of buyers interested in purchasing it when you’re ready to move on. Even worse, aftermarket modifications and accessories can interfere with a car’s warranty.

Failing to keep records

Holding on to all of your service records, which can be especially valuable if you end up selling your car to a private buyer. By showing paperwork that proves the car’s tires, oil and battery are in good condition, you have a better chance at selling the car and getting a good price.

Seeking service from a stranger

Having unqualified technicians work on your car often ends up being an enormous drain on your wallet. Though you may think you’re paying a little less, this often backfires. Untrained professionals make your car issues a matter of trial and error and potentially create new problems.


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