Be a good coach or bus driver

30/09/2016 English


A coach or bus can be driven at a very high speed like private cars and other vehicles. Because of its huge size with relatively large number of passengers, accidents involved can be very serious ones! One recent case is the chain collision on Tsing Ma Bridge involving four coaches causing at least 36 people injured, including two in critical condition, and massive traffic jams. Here are some practical safety tips for driving a coach or a bus!


Never drive with only a few hours of sleep

Coach and bus drivers will always need to start working early in the morning, with long working hours. There’s no way anyone can function properly on just a few hours of sleep, especially in the early morning. Remember, safety always comes first!

Stay far away from other traffic

If you have to use the two-second or four-second rule for the following distance, your following to too close as a coach or bus driver! It will be extra safe to maintain a longer distance between coaches and buses. Always try to drive a little slower than other traffic. In this way, the following distance is always increasing instead of decreasing. Get into the habit of gently backing away from vehicles in front of you to allow enough following distance.

Don’t be a lane changer

Every time you changes lanes, you are creating a potential accident! Never suddenly signal and then swerve into the next lane! And always alert other drivers with your turn signals before turning.

Never accelerate quickly after dropping off a passenger

A passenger may drop or forget something, and go back to pick it up. Always start out slowly and continue slowly for a certain distance, then gradually accelerate.


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