Be a smart car owner and identify the authenticity of car insurance policy

28/10/2016 English


After reading the details of the recent case of fraudulent car insurance on the news, my friend has asked, “There’s cheating even for car insurance purchase. It’s really hard to prevent!"

This friend of mine is actually talking about the fraudulent car insurance case, which was recently smashed by the Commercial Crime Bureau of the Police. An insurance intermediary agency company with no business registration record was suspected of counterfeiting five major insurance companies for policy purchase, including Direct Asia Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited, China Ping An Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited, QBE Hong Kong & Shanghai Insurance Limited, Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Company (Hong Kong) Limited, and Zurich Insurance Company Limited.

The common characteristics of victims

Victims have been confirmed until now are with ages range from 21 to 50. Some of them have got the driving license in less than 2 years or own those car types with relatively higher risk. As car drivers, we all know that this type of car owners will be more difficult to insure car insurance policy. And the premium will be higher. The police believe that fraudsters develop business with low prices through online advertising.

The modus operandi

The swindlers methods emerge in an endless stream! This time, fraudsters pretended as an insurance intermediary and contacted victims through online social media platforms or mobile messaging Apps, and lured victims to purchase car insurance through him / her by offering a lower premium. Fraudsters instructed victims to submit their information for policy application through mobile phone and to deposit the required premium fee into a personal bank account provided. At the end, the cover note was sent through mobile phone to victims while the formal policy document was sent by post. But of course, these policy documents were all forged! And the relevant policy applications would have no record from the insurance companies concerned.

Advice on buying car insurance

  • Take out a car insurance policy directly from an authorised insurance company or an agent with good reputation. Channels include company official website, service hotline, mobile App, etc.
  • When a salesperson with dubious identity is selling car insurance to you, no matter what the channels are, double check his / her identity and the policy details with the relevant insurance company or agencies.
  • Avoid making deposits for the premium into a personal bank account.
  • Cross checking with the insurance company on the insurance policy taken upon receipt.
  • If you feel suspicious on the salesperson, make a direct enquiry with the insurance company immediately.
  • If in doubt, report the case to the Police as soon as possible. (Commercial and Technology Crime Hotline: 2860 5012)

Identify the right way to purchase car insurance

Understand and identify the right way to purchase car insurance can minimize the deceived risk! Taking DirectAsia as an example, no matter you will need to purchase car, travel or health insurance, you can make direct purchase through the official website or the service hotline 2884 8888, with no third party or insurance intermediary agency involved. This kind of service is fast and convenient with the hassle-free experience of personal specialist follow up work to avoid any possible loss.


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