The biggest trouble when driving at night?

06/01/2016 English


Every driver will have their own driving preferences, strengths or weaknesses. Some drivers do not like driving in rain or strong winds. And some drivers are scared of driving at night. Whenever we talk about night time driving, the biggest trouble faced by almost every driver is the glare from the headlights of a car coming from the other side with high beams! A bright light coming from the opposite direction falls directly on our eyes can cause us to lose depth perception and our peripheral vision and pupils also dilate leading to blurriness. This temporary blindness is always the cause of accidents! To minimize the potential danger of high beams while driving cause to a significant reduction in visibility, take a look at the following handy tips!

Conduct the vision test on a regular basis. If you need to wear spectacles or contact lenses, you should then keep them up-to-date. Also, using thin glass frames in the prescribed glasses is somehow an effective measure to avoid reflection of high beams.

With the growing age, human eyes need more light to see the objects in the dim light. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid night driving for the elderly. If it is inevitable, they should then drive slowly.

Drive slowly and adjust your speed to the reach of your headlights. This practice will help you to stop for an obstacle that is beyond the reaches of your headlights in the situation of complete darkness.

To avoid being blinded by the high beams that directly fall into your eyes? One of the simplest way is to look down on the road or concentrate on the edge of the lane until the vehicle passes to avoid getting blind momentarily.

Beware of the sudden flashes of light from the oncoming vehicles around curves or at intersections. Focus on the sides or outlines of objects during the dim lights. Human eyes tend to take up images more clearly while concentrating on the edges of the object than by looking at it directly.

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