Boost your electric car’s range

17/06/2016 English


Electric vehicles (EVs) are already known for their outstanding fuel economy. But there’s always room for improvement. EVs can be more sensitive to driving style than conventional vehicles. A small change in driving habits can turn these already efficient vehicles into performance superstars. Here are some ways to help you drive farther and perhaps save a bit of money!

Drive according to the owner’s manual

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all owner’s manual for EVs. The design of these vehicles and how they manage energy use can vary widely. Each manufacturer has different instructions for how to maximize fuel economy, driving range and battery life. They should know the most about the vehicle’s attributes and abilities and how to get the best use out of the vehicle. Giving your owner’s manual a thorough read can help you understand how to optimize your car’s performance.

Know the rules of accessory usage

Using heat, air conditioning and entertainment systems can diminish fuel efficiency on all vehicles. But EVs are more prone to performance losses from accessory usage. There are smartphone apps available for some car models. Those apps allow you to control the car’s climate as well as the fuel efficiency.

Regularly charge the battery

If you want to keep your EV’s fuel economy on the high end, keep the battery regularly charged. Keeping the battery charged on EVs maximizes driving range, helping to ensure you’ll have no problem making your daily commute.


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