Everyone goes crazy: Can I play Pokémon Go when I drive?

28/07/2016 English


It’s been long awaited. Posts from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are full of the related news, information, tips and sharings once this game is available on App store. Playgrounds, parks and public space have just become the “gathering place” for young people, just like what you can see on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival! What phenomenon is this? Yes, the famous Pokémon Go mobile game has been officially launched in Hong Kong!

Except the boom of game information these two days, the most common message received is to remind everyone to play the game safely. So, can we play Pokémon Go while driving? The answer is obvious. NO!

Don’t start catching until your car is parked

Pokémon Go requires your full attention, so does driving! Yes, there’s the augmented reality mode and you can leave that AR feature on to put Pokémon on a backdrop of whatever in front of you. The problem is that you will then focus on catching the Pokémon instead of the background of reality. The little suckers will move around too! You can’t easily spin around in the driver’s seat if a Pokémon darts sideways. And it takes an absurd amount of your attention to follow them around anyway. So, keep it in park if you’re going to do anything in the game. And don’t play the game itself unless your car is safely parked, and out of the way of other traffic!

Scope out your next Pokéstop before going there

The great thing about the Pokémon Go interface is that it gives you a map. You can tap on further away gyms and Pokéstops to see where they are before they’re in range. Thus, you can figure out where you’d like to go next without the App distracting you from the task of driving. Before you go out, find a few points of interest, write them down or put them in your car’s navigation unit. Then drive there and park in a safe and legal location!

Leave your phone on, but on silent mode

If you’re the kind of person who is tempted by phone sounds, hide it in any place you want. Out of sight, out of mind. If you know you’ll still somehow hear it vibrate, turn off that function as well. If you really have no self-control, put your phone in somewhere that you can’t reach it from the driving seat!

Get off your car and walk around

According to some news, reports and sharing from various users, the speed limit for this game is around 20km per hour. If you’re going any faster than that, your movement will usually not count. In order to drive safely, of course, it’s not recommended puttering around at speeds slower than 20 kph on public roads. Those drivers get stuck behind you would blow the fuse in their horn. And there’re high risks for accidents!

Finally, do what the game wants you to do: get out and explore! See your city’s landmarks. Remember, safety driving is always the first priority. Don’t play Pokémon Go when you’re driving!



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