Your car breaks down whilst you’re driving, what to do?

22/10/2015 English

A car breaks down while driving on the way, the driver gets off, open the bonnet and check to see if it can be repaired. What a common scene in a movie or TV series now! But is it as simple as that? Your car breaks down whilst you’re driving, do you know how to handle it?

First of all, we must remember a key point. If your car breaks down whilst you’re driving, your first priority is to ensure the car doesn’t become a danger to other road users! The driver and all passengers should not stay in the car. Everyone should exit the car and wait for rescue under a safety environment.

If engine failure occurs, your car will instantly lose power steering and power assistance to the brakes. It will become harder to steer and you will need to press harder on the brake pedal. At this moment, you should turn on the hazard warning lights as soon as you can, which will warn other road users of your plight.

On the other hand, poor maintenance and not checking your engine cooling system on a regular basis can lead to engine overheating. If you’re out driving and your engine overheats, it can be a very serious problem. You should stop the car immediately and let the engine cool. If you decide to open the bonnet to further investigate, please be careful as hot steam may emerge from underneath which can bring serious hurt to human body! Trying to add engine coolant or water to the engine will surely be a nice solution. But you should note that the water must be lukewarm, as adding cold water to a hot engine can cause it to crack!

Of course, we believe that not many people really know how to fix the problem of engine failure or overheating. Don’t try to repair the engine yourself to avoid damages to the car or injuries to your body. And make sure the engine system and all other parts work normally before you start up your car again!

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