Chinese New Year Driving Tips

25/01/2016 English


When the Editor was still young, my home must be very crowded during the Chinese New Year holidays. Our relatives and friends, no matter I can remember their names or not, will come for the New Year greetings with best wishes! For those who drive, most of them will give us a call and ask for the parking situation nearby before coming. But most likely they will need to spend plenty of time to search for a parking space on that day even with this kind of preparation work. If they would like to stay for some Chinese cakes or playing mahjong, they will be so busy for going downstairs every one to two hours for paying the parking meters! Actually, these are not the only problems we face when driving out during the Chinese New Year! This time, the Editor would like to share with you the special and interesting experience during this period of time!

Road closure & special traffic arrangement

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals for Chinese people. There will be various kinds of celebration activities in Hong Kong for which some of them may involve road closure and special traffic arrangement. Examples are the International Chinese New Year Night Parade on 8 Feb, Firework Display at Victoria Harbour on 9 Feb, and the Flower Markets located in the different regions in Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and New Territories. When you need to drive out during these days, you should then pay attention to the latest traffic news and special arrangement. Or you may take the advice of the government to use more public transport. This can help to reduce the traffic jam and you may also fully enjoy this festive season!

Troubles for parking

During the Chinese New Year holidays, every one of us are busy visiting others, going to flower markets, watching movies and shopping around the city. So, it’s not surprising that the traffic jam problem is even worse than that of working days. And the parking problem will become worse too! You will not find it difficult to see illegal parking during the holidays which makes you feel headache to find a single parking space. Of course, the Editor does not encourage illegal parking. I suggest the car owners to get as much parking information of the destination as they can before arrival. Be clam and patience when searching for a parking space, problem can then be solved easily!

Prepare your red packets

We love to get good fortune during the Chinese New Year. So, the married couples will always have their red packets on hands, and so do the drivers! It’s for handy use when they drive in and out of a carpark, enter a tunnel or drive to places offering valet parking!


It’s crowded everywhere during the Chinese New Year holidays. Drivers should always concentrate on the road situation to ensure driving safety. For more details about protection of a car, please feel free to visit the car insurance page of DirectAsia.


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