Clean your car floor mats

27/09/2016 English


The floor in your car can be the most disgusting and dirty place easily if you do not do the cleaning regularly. Car mats are not only for the aesthetics of the car interior, but also used as the protection of our car floors. So, how should we do the cleaning?

Mats should be removed from the car and checked regularly. Dust and water can settle into the car mat even when dirt and grime is not physically visible on your mats. This can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Cleaning basics start with using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the entire car floor first with the car mats in place. If you pull the mats now, all the loose debris will fall onto the clean floor underneath your mats. Once done, pull the mats out and spend some time on each mat with just the plastic end of the vacuum cleaner. Then, use the tip of the vacuum cleaner to massage the mat, really getting deep and removing all that dust. If you have stains, mud and odour in your floor mat, there are lots of household carpet shampoo products available that are safe to use on any carpet.

Cleaning your car mats is similar to giving your home carpet a shampoo. You can use regular commercial cleaning products as you would in your home. To clean stains, simply remove your car mat, make sure all loose debris is removed and apply carpet cleaner. Then hang out to dry. If there are really nasty stains or a serious smell on your car mat, you should have professionals to take care of it.

Remember to regularly check your car mat and keep them looking like new. Cleaning your car mat will also extend the life of those car mats and save you some cash in the future.


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