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We always like to do something contradicting to the traditions, say eating ice-cream in winter, enjoying BBQ outdoor under a Very Hot Weather Warning, or having a hot X’mas oversea. We usually feel so boring during the Chinese New Year holidays in Hong Kong. Visiting relatives and friends may not be so interesting to many of us. And most of the shops will be close for business during these days. Movies and internet may be the only entertainments then. This time, the Editor would like to introduce you a city suitable for travelling during Chinese New Year — Bangkok!

Why Bangkok? On the list of hot travelling destinations for Hong Kong people, there are Chinese New Year celebrations in countries like China, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia where most of the shops will be close for business during the holidays! But Bangkok is rather a choice fulfilling both of your needs. In this city, shops will still be open for business during the Chinese New Year holidays. And for those who wanna travel and enjoy the festive atmosphere at the same time, the China Town will be a nice place to visit!

Let’s talk about how you wear when travelling in Bangkok. As we all know, there’s no winter in this city. The weather is always around 30℃ for which light and cool clothing are most suitable. But travelers will also need to bring along a thin coat with them. Due to the hot weather in Thailand, air-condition is very very strong in places like shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and trains. Going inside and out of these places will easily get cold. Causal shoes are pretty good already. Thailand is a famous Buddhist country. Everyone will need to take off their shoes before entering any one of the temples. So, causal shoes should have no problem for this!

It’s all about relaxing for travelling in Bangkok. The three must-do things include shopping, dining and enjoying massage! For shopping, Bangkok is just a heaven if you like unique stuff or “treasure hunt”! There’re plenty of night markets here, like Chatuchak Weekend Market, Asiatique The Riverfront, Train Night Market Ratchada, etc. Every shop offers unique and handmade products with competitive prices. You will find something unexpected for sure with more searching time and patience! Another shopping hotspot for travelers will be the local chain supermarket Big C, selling various kinds of skincare, healthy, aroma and bathing products and snacks.

How about dining? Bangkok is as perfect as Hong Kong. Street food is recommended by the Editor. Except Mondays for which street hawking is forbidden by the government, you will be able to find many kinds of tasty food along the streets, like Thai Mango Sticky Rice, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Pad Thai, Thai skewers, grilled fish, fried omelet, etc. Even in the Food Court of some large shopping malls, like Pier 21 of Terminal 21, dishes are selling at 30 to 50 Bahts only (around HK$8 to HK$14)! But there’s one point to note. Beware of the food cooking outdoor under the very hot weather there. You may have your stomach feeling unwell, affecting the rest of your lovely trip.

And massaging in Bangkok has always been amazing to Hong Kong people! There’re many shops offering massage and SPA there with very low prices and excellent services. It’s not surprising that people enjoy massage every day during his/her trip. That’s really not a kind of experience you will be able to enjoy everywhere!

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Chatuchak Weekend Market


Bare in mind that street hawking is forbidden by the government on Mondays


Asiatique The Riverfront


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