Different rules and regulations for driving in Europe & the US

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Self-driving travel is really cool for someone who loves driving very much! But we also need to know that the rules and regulations for driving in different places of the world, like the legal driving age, seat belt law, are very different. This time, let’s take a look at the differences in traffic rules and regulations as well as some interesting driving knowledge in Europe and the US!

To drive on the road, you should first get a driving licence! In France, Spain, Germany and Italy, the legal driving age is 18 years old. In the US, the minimum age for driving is 16 in most states. But some states do not allow driving until 18!

In France, the legal age to rent a car is 20 years old while that in Spain is 18 years old. But both countries will need the driver to hold a full driving license for at least one year. In the US, some car rental agencies refuse to rent a car to any person under 25 or over 71. And some other agencies will rent to young drivers requiring an added surcharge

Moreover, we also wish to know more about some traffic rules in foreign countries for which the majority may not know! Visitors to France should be aware that failure to stop and help a third party in an incident or difficulty is an offence! In the city and built up areas, the use of the horn is prohibited except in cases of immediate danger.

In Spain, the use of dipped headlights during the day is compulsory for motorcycles. Devices with a screen which can distract a driver, such as television and DVD machine (excludes GPS system), are all prohibited.

In Germany, it is prohibited to overtake or pass a school bus that has stopped in the city or built up areas to let passengers on or off. A fine will be imposed for non-compliance! Besides, low emission zones are now in place in a number of German cities. A special permit is required to drive through these zones. Except speeding, drivers can be fined for such things like using abusive language, making derogatory signs and running out of petrol on a motorway!

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