DIY car washing to welcome the Chinese New Year

29/01/2016 English


Car owners can not only tidy up their home, but also wash their cars to welcome the Chinese New Year! Wash and wax services for your car are very common nowadays. But DIY car washing is actually not as troublesome as you think. It can even be a very good experience. As the Chinese New Year is approaching, the Editor is going to share with you the preparation, steps as well as the unexpected outcomes for DIY car washing!

DIY car washing enables you to pick anything you want and control the cost. From basic things like car wash detergent, sponge, to leather protection cream, glass detergent, etc., you can feel free to select different kinds of accessories with different price levels according to your budget and past car washing experience.

Compare with accessories required, the right steps for car washing are even more important! Car owners always talk about the car washing method with two buckets of water. This can be simply summarized in the following steps.

  1. Rinsethe entirecarbody with clean water towash awaythe dust.
  2. Wash the car bodyfrom the top to bottomsequentiallywith aspongestained with car washdetergent.
  3. Repeat steps 1, rinse the entirecarbody with clean water.
  4. Wipe the car body to dry. You can also open the doorandtrunk to clean theinsidedoorframe.


Be aware that you should take off your watch, rings or any other thing that can possibly make scratches to the car. When cleaning the glass or car body, you can use the circle pattern clockwise or anti-clockwise. After finishing all steps, rinse the entire car body again with clean water.

Finally, what we talk about the unexpected outcome for DIY car washing is that you may discover the missing scratches of your car one by one. In fact, every time you wash the car yourself is just equal to a full record of your car’s appearance, observing and realizing your car’s scratches. In this way, you can realize the blind spot when you’re driving and hence, review your driving habits!

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