Drive in Autumn days

13/09/2016 English


Autumn is coming to us now! We will soon have shorter daytime, softer sunlight and cooler weather. Drivers should be aware of different weather conditions as well as different seasons of the year. Let’s talk about driving during Autumn days this time!

A shorter day”

Fewer hours of daylight make it more difficult to see pedestrians, cyclists and children playing in the late afternoon. Also, later sunrises mean that drivers need to adjust to the brighter sun at different times of the morning. Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your car to shield your vision.


Fall foliage is beautiful. But once those leaves start falling and get wet from rain, they can become a serious driving hazard. Wet leaves are slippery and reduce traction. Also, avoid parking your car near a pile of leaves to prevent a fire that could combust when your vehicle’s catalytic converter kicks into action.

Plan ahead for changing weather conditions

Keeping your car in good condition decreases your chance of being stranded in cool weather. Also, be sure to have things like first-aid kit, thermal blanket and a working flashlight for any emergency situations.


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