Driving in strong wind

27/05/2016 English


For drivers, the sudden change in weather is difficult to predict. This will sometimes seriously affect their driving performance and even increase the risk of accidents. In Hong Kong, we may have chances to drive in heavy rain, flooding roads or strong wind. Chances of driving in strong wind will increase especially in summer or during the typhoon season. To maintain a stable driving performance in strong wind, you will need to learn about some of the following tips!

Strong wind can make driving hazardous and cause direct danger. Strong gusts of wind can affect a car’s handling and steering, and hence endanger the safety of the driver and other passengers. Strong wind may also lead to blowing down trees and causing other debris on to the road, which brings indirect dangers to road users.

For drivers who will always need to concentrate themselves on the road and driving, strong wind seems to be more ferocious comparing to other bad weather conditions like heavy rain, flooding roads, lightning! As strong wind will directly affect the normal handling of a car, the damage to vehicles, road facilities or other things can only take place at a very short moment. In serve windy conditions, it is always advisable to drive only if it’s absolutely necessary to do so! But if you must drive, you should then note the followings.

  • Take the safest, most sheltered route. Avoid roads with lots of trees.
  • Grip your steering wheel firmly throughout your journey since strong winds are not consistent. Sometimes, a powerful gust of wind will suddenly come without warning.
  • All kinds of debris, from litter to tree branches can cause hazards in strong wind. So, be watchful of such debris as it jostles around.
  • To have a wide field of driving vision, keep a good distance away from any car in front.
  • Other cars, reacting to strong gusts and road debris, may become a hazard themselves. So, keep a close eye on the situation of any car near to you.
  • Reduce your speed. This will allow you to have more time to deal with any handling or steering issues caused by strong gusts of wind.
  • Always allow more space than you normally would while overtaking, as strong wind can blow them from side-to-side and potentially into your path.

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