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21/12/2015 English


For new or inexperienced drivers, driving on a highway is always a big challenge. Even for those drivers who’ve got some road experiences, driving on a highway can still cause fear! The following tips will hopefully prepare you for the day you make your highway debut!

Let’s talk about joining the highway first. Except indicating to show your intention to join the highway, you will also need to adjust your speed to match with that of the traffic already on the highway. You should wait to cut into the highway until there’s a suitable gap in the left-hand lane. Don’t force your way into the traffic stream or keep driving along the road shoulder. Besides, some slip roads continue as a dedicated lane. Signs and road markings will indicate if this is the case. So, you will not have to join the highway as described above. Once entering the highway, you should keep driving on the left-hand lane until you’ve had time to assess and adjust to the speed of the traffic already on the highway.

Safe and following the rules are the most important things for highway driving! Always keep at least a two-second gap between you and the car in front. If you see brake lights ahead, you should then ease off the accelerator. Sudden braking on a highway can be dangerous. It can cause vehicles behind also slam on the brakes and result in tailbacks and even collisions. Besides, you should avoid getting boxed in with a slow moving car in front and another one tailgating you behind. If a similar case happens, gently reduce your speed in order to increase the gap between you and the car in front. You can then overtake the car under a safe situation.

Finally, pay attention to highway signals or messages as these will tell you about any hazard or danger ahead.

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