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10/05/2016 English


Despite the fact that cars nowadays are made safer than ever, they are still driven by human beings. That means we may often have trouble retaining even the minimal techniques and rules required to operate a vehicle. Want to be a little more secured and careful driver on the road? Here are some advanced but little-known driving tips that everyone should know, even if most people don’t!

Don’t have your car visible anywhere in your mirrors

This is one thing that takes nearly zero effort to do right, but almost everyone does wrong! Car manufacturers have to let drivers adjust the mirrors, due to things like differences in driver height, and most people simply don’t know how to do it. Actually, blind spots can be put into full view of your side mirrors, provided that these mirrors are adjusted to contain no part of your own car. Just angle them away from you until the point where your car is no longer visible in either one. In this way, there’s no overlap between them and the rearview mirror. Any car passing you on either side will remain in at least one of your mirrors until it enters your field of vision.

Pay more attention to traffic than road signs

There are experts who believe that the overabundance of signs and signals just make you complacent, because you’re fixated on blindly following instructions printed on reflective metal rather than not affecting your fellow drivers. We’re not saying that you should ignore stoplights and road signs, but that you shouldn’t rely on them to make every decision for you. The real traffic conditions are also very important for drivers to make judgments to avoid any single incident!

Always have your headlights on

According to a study overseas, the risk of a car of being involved in an accident can be reduced up to 32% simply by driving with the headlights on at all times. This seems like common sense and restricted by law. But other drivers are simply less likely to pull out in front of you if they can instantly see the glare of your headlights in a quick glance. This also counts for pedestrians and cyclists, who statistically will sometimes miss their own oncoming risks unless there are bright lights attached to it.


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