Effective exercise walking – Your Way to a Healthy Life

04/11/2016 English


Exercise walking is a simple and easy activity for keeping fit and healthy at no cost. There are several stretches and techniques that will improve the benefits of exercise walking, as well as help prevent injury. Let’s take a look!

Stretching before walking

Prior to exercise walking, gentle stretching should be done to prepare the joints and muscles for the increased range of motion needed. It is important to take an easy 5-minute walk to warm up the muscles before stretching so they’re not completely cold when stretching. Be sure to include the neck, arms, hips, upper and lower leg muscles (including the hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh), and ankles.


Know more about some techniques which will help improve the benefits of walking! Walk briskly, but as a general rule, maintain enough breath to be able to carry on a conversation. Start out with a 5-minute walk and work up to walking for at least 30 minutes at least 3 to 4 times a week.

On the other hand, we should maintain good form while walking to get the optimum aerobic benefit with each step and help protect the back and avoid injury. For head and shoulders, keep the head up and centered between the shoulders, with eyes focused straight ahead at the horizon. Keep the shoulders relaxed but straight to avoid slouching forward. For abdominal muscles, it’s important to actively use the abdominal muscles to help support the trunk of the body and the spine. To do this, keep the stomach pulled in slightly and stand fully upright. Avoid leaning forward as you walk. And for hips, the majority of the forward motion should start with the hips. Each stride should feel natural, not too long or too short. Most people make the mistake of trying to take too long of stride.

To promote “Heathly Exercise for All", the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has also launched a QualiWalk Scheme. Let’s live for a healthier life!


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