Ergonomic driving performance

15/01/2016 English


Ergonomic driving, do I really need that? The answer is YES! Whether it is your daily commute or the extended road trip, you will have accumulated a lot of time behind the wheel of your car by the end of the average week. A good ergonomic setup can go a long way to enhance both the comfort and effectiveness of your driving!

Adjust your car seat properly

The ergonomics of your car’s command center, the driver’s seat, is the most important thing you need to get right in order to avoid discomfort and fatigue while driving.  Luckily, the car manufacturing companies have already done a lot of work to make it easy for you to get it for a seat just about perfect. And unfortunately, the majority of drivers don’t know how to adjust the driver’s seat properly.

Mind your posture

One of the most important ergonomic tips for driving is to always mind your posture.  It is easy to slouch or roll your shoulders after driving for a period of time. This will cause you all kinds of pain and prolonged problems. Try to keep you back lumbar and shoulders supported. And make sure you hold the steering wheel instead of just placing your hands on it for rest! Also, you must have ever sat on your wallet! If you are driving, get in the habit of taking it before you start up your car.

Adjust your mirrors

Set your side and rear view mirrors so that you have a full 180-degree view behind you! Set your mirrors while you maintain a strong posture. Try to line up your rear view mirror with the top of the rear window or some other reference points so that if you start to relax your posture and slouch, you will be visually reminded of it.

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