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Cities in Europe are much larger than Hong Kong. Taking a train will be a nice choice for travelling between cities or even countries. The train network in European countries is well developed for which you can travel between places with a long driving distance or when a flight is not suitable. Of course, taking a train is not as convenient as the underground trains. But it doesn’t involve so many procedures as taking a flight. Travelling by trains in Europe does have their own culture and “rules”. Know more and take a smooth trip in future!


Before buying your tickets, learn how to read and check the schedule! Trains have been one of the most important transportations for distant journeys in Europe. The schedules have already been fixed for a few months in advance. Except the weather problem or unexpected conditions, all trains will be on time like the flights. Departure and arrival time will be clearly stated on all tickets. So, before any ticket purchase, you should know your departure station and destination, which train you’re going to take by checking the schedules. This will make your journey a well planned one.

Choice of journey

There are plenty of choices for train journeys, just like many other transportations. The journey time can be different even the departure station and destination are the same. It’s because different journeys are having different stations to stop by. Of course, the “express” ones having fewer stations to stop by will be the top choices for tourists!

Early bird offer

As the train schedules have been fixed few months in advance, there will be some early bird offers to attract sales. The Editor had enjoyed such kind of offer when travelling in UK. The early bird offer for a two-hour journey travelling from Manchester to London was only around HK$200. And the original price is around HK$500!

Miss a train

Flights and trains will not wait for you. If you’ve missed one, take the next train and lose a bit travelling time if you’re lucky. If all the tickets have been sold out, it’s no longer the problem and money and time! The Editor had ever underestimated the time for travelling from the hotel to the train station and missed a Eurostar train going from UK to France. It’s lucky that the station staff had offered us seats for the next train for free!

When you are going to purchase travel insurance, you may check if travel delay will be covered in the policy. This can make your trip a more secured one. For more details, feel free to visit the travel insurance page of DirectAsia.


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