Formula E is coming to Hong Kong

07/06/2016 English


It has been officially announced that the Formula E race will come to Hong Kong in October this year. What an exciting news to car lovers and racing fans! Never heard of Formula E? Then it’s time to sit up, pay attention and have a glimpse into the future of racing! Formula E is quite a different beast from the fan-favourite Formula One. It utilises totally different technology, but most significantly is made up of fully-electric single-seaters. What you’ll get is a truly electrifying race!

Fans can impact results

Social media can mean defeat or victory via FanBoost! Fans can vote for their favourite racers on the Formula E site or via app, and the top three racers with the most votes will receive a boost during the race! This will be only effective from the second lap of the race onwards. The racer will be able to pull a lever to increase their car power from 202bhp to 240bhp for five seconds to charge their way ahead. Pretty much like a racing game!

It is much quieter

Compared to the ear-shredding roar of the typical Formula One racers, the average Formula E vehicle positively purrs. The sound reaches only 80 dB. So, if you’re watching the race live, you’ll leave with your hearing intact. It’s relative quiet means that the race can be held in the city centre, like Central in Hong Kong!

Racers need two cars to complete a race

Racers change cars at a pit-stop midway through each race because the batteries powering them cannot charge them for long enough. In that regard, it’s not really a great deal different to Formula One as those vehicles often need to be re-fuelled or repaired during the course of a race. After all, two cars are better than one!

The races are short

Most races have a run time of roughly one hour. So the action is over pretty quickly. But that’s not exactly a bad thing. All the actions of practice and race day are over in a single day. And although that’s because of battery constraints, its weakness has probably become its biggest strength in terms of being a crowd-pleaser. It packs all the actions into one punch. In essence, condensing the excitement makes it live longer in the memory and leaves fans pining for more!

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