Interesting and funny cold knowledge about traffic

05/11/2015 English

Any type of cold knowledge sounds very interesting and funny. And there’s no exception for something related to traffic! This time, the Editor is going to share with you a series of interesting and real cold knowledge about traffic!

Searching for the perfect parking space

Studies show that searching for the closest parking space doesn’t save any time. It’s because in the time it takes to find the closer space, you could have already walked to your targeted shop or restaurant!

Merging in construction areas

When construction requires that a lane or two are closed and traffic has to merge, it’s actually better to merge later than earlier. Think of it in this way, any unused road pavement is a wasted asset. So, if everyone merges early, a good part of a lane would go unused. That’s inefficient. Systems set up by engineers to compress the merge zone into a single point can result in a 15% improvement in traffic flow.

The best anti-congestion tool?

Charging the drivers! The most effective decongestion policy in cities around the world is always congestion pricing. It means paying a toll to drive into congested areas or during rush hours making the purpose to reduce traffic flow. It’s heard that Hong Kong is actively exploring the feasibility of this toll mode!

Traffic Nirvana

Engineers have something they call “Traffic Nirvana”. It actually refers to the maximum efficiency of traffic volume. “Nirvana” turns out to be 2,400 cars traveling at 55 mph passing a particular sensor each hour. If traffic gets denser, it then slows down. When traffic gets lighter, it moves faster but there are fewer cars moving. So, it seems that “Nirvana” is very hard to attain on the roads in real life.

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