Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car?

14/06/2016 English


Shouldn’t you know where you put your car? It’s not a joke from a new or absent-minded driver. In a large, crowded parking lot, it’s not always easy. Quite many drivers did have this kind of embarrassing experience. Here are some tips to help get you back on track if you tend to forget where you parked!

Park near an identifying landmark. If you have a choice of where you park, choose something distinctive, such as places near an exit door or a lift. Try to park on the end of a row or near a small car, motorcycle spot, or something else that’s not a full sized parking space. It will be harder to find your car if it’s hidden behind a large van or SUV by the time you return. These odd spaces can also help to serve as landmarks. Or if you don’t mind, park away from the crowds. If you park there, you will have fewer other cars around you obscuring your view.

Take a photo! It’s the most common way nowadays when we need to memorize or “mark down” something in a very quick way with easy access anytime later. Photograph your parked car with identifying landmarks, especially if you are in an unfamiliar place. It’s an instant reminder, and you can delete the photo when you no longer need it.

Add identifying features to your car. A colorful ribbon, flag, antenna ball, bumper sticker, or even interior features like seat covers can help you pick yours out of a crowd. If you want to use an antenna ornament, make sure your antenna is fixed.

If you have a remote key fob that sets your alarm or horn off, try pressing it. Be prepared to turn your alarm off again promptly, and don’t do this in the middle of the night if there are residences around where people might be disturbed!


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