Have you got these gadgets in your car?

16/02/2016 English


Car lovers not only pay attention to the car’s look and feel, but also its function and performance. Batman’s supercar will be an ideal one for them! This time, let’s take a look at some gadgets and tools and see how many of them are already available on your car!

Self-parking system

This is one of the most important technologies for smart driving! Drivers just tap a few details onto a touchscreen and the car glides into traditional parking spaces or a parallel slot without a scrape.

Remote start

Just a simple press on the key-fob’s dedicated button can ignite the engine and warm the car up. And thieves are thwarted that doors remain locked until the owner is ready to get in.

iPod connectors

This enables drivers to select playlists or sift through tracks via the car’s audio controls. And for safety reasons, many of them have already been mounted on steering wheels.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth technology has become very popular nowadays. It allows drivers to make and receive calls without setting a single finger on a handset. Voice control permits new contacts to be added without shifting your gaze from the road.

Lane departure warning system

The use of speed sensors and a small camera can detect if the car is wandering. Drivers are alerted by a seat vibrator, a buzzer or a visual cue.

Warm and chilled cupholders

Sip hot coffee throughout the morning drive to work or slug back a chilled soda at leisure with heated and cooled cupholders, which keep drinks at exactly the temperature they’re meant to be!


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