Hong Kong Science Park & the “Golden Egg”

19/08/2016 English


A few years ago, a friend of mine said you should have tremendous endurance for working in Hong Kong Science Park! It’s far away from urban areas. The traffic is inconvenient. And there’re just a few restaurants for “choices”. Not many people worked here at that time. You couldn’t find the fast pace of rushing for work. And you wouldn’t feel cheerful or relaxing even your office had got an invincible sea view!

Being one of the hot driving destinations during weekends, Science Park is completely different today! The “Golden Egg” of Science Park is actually the signature Charles K. Kao Auditorium. This nickname comes from its very unique shape. Charles K. Kao Auditorium is named in recognition of the important contribution in science and technology development towards Hong Kong and even the world by Mr. Charles Kao, the “Father of Fiber Optics" and the winner of Nobel Prize for Physics.

Located at Pak Shek Kok in Sha Tin district, Science Park is actually not far away from the city. Starting from the Kowloon region, drive towards Sha Tin through the Lion Rock Tunnel. Continue to drive along Tai Po Road (Sha Tin Section) and pass through the New Town Plaza and Sha Tin Racecourse, you will be there in around 15 minutes. The facilities of Science Park are well developed now. There are over 1,500 parking spaces available at the multi-storey and basement car parks of Hong Kong Science Park Phases 1 and 2. And one of the largest EV charging stations in Hong Kong are already set up at the car park in Phase 2, fulfilling the car owners’ demand. For dining, there are more than 20 restaurants available for your selection, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwan and Italian cuisine. The Editor loves to enjoy a cup of coffee in a restaurant with incredible sea view. An enjoyment like this seems to make time running a bit slower!

What the Editor loves most will be the Market and Carnival held here during weekends! With large areas and lots of space, quiet environment and not a remote location at all, Science Park has been a hot spot for the Handicraft Market and Family Carnivals. Occasionally get away from streets and malls, take a look at some nicely handmade products and join some healthy activities. It’s great to enjoy your own family fun time and memories!

Hong Kong Science Park Official Website: https://www.apacinnosummit.net/en-us
Hong Kong Science Park Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/HongKongSciencePark/


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