How to drive safely in the rainy and wet season

08/04/2016 English


Hong Kong is always having a hot and humid weather during the rainy season. When driving in rain or when the road is wet, your ability to stop the car will be relatively reduced that the stopping distance may increase from 2 seconds to 4 seconds. To compensate for this, reduce your speed and increase the distance between you and any car in front! To drive safely in the rain and wet weather conditions, you should then know more about the influence brought from the rain and mist!

Rain acts to reduce visibility, and hence affects the driving scene. You may think your windscreen wipers may help. But this is not totally correct! The problem is made worse when the windscreen begins to mist over. To ease such problems, try to work out the followings.

  • Keep your windscreen clean as clean glass surface is less likely to mist over.
  • Use a quality windscreen washer fluid.
  • When your windscreen or windows start to mist, turn on the air-conditioner.
  • Replace old or ineffective wipers.
  • When overtaking in the rain, turn your wipers to the fastest setting. This will help to deal with any spray that comes from the car you overtake.

In heavy or persistent rain, as the rain pools on the surface of the road, aquaplaning can become a serious risk. Aquaplaning results in a loss of traction between tyres and road. So, when driving in the wet, you may feel your steering suddenly appears to be very light. When aquaplaning happens, you may try to gently release the accelerator. This can slow down your car, allowing the tyres to regain traction with the road. Never brake and avoid trying to steer, or you will be in danger of completely losing control of your car. You should remember that water on the road is not enough to cause a car to aquaplane. Driving in an appropriate speed will always be the safety way for you!

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