How to handle driving in traffic jams

02/08/2016 English


Everyone hates being stuck in a traffic jam, but sadly and especially in Hong Kong, many drivers have to deal with it every day. Let’s take a look at these tips which can help you stay alert and safe when driving in traffic jams!

Stay cool

Traffic jams can be maddening, but still, try to stay as cool as you can. Aggressive driving should be saved for the racetrack or movies. By yelling at other drivers and driving with anger, you’ll only end up damaging your own car, and possibly your body too!

Slow down a bit

If you drive into a little or a lot of traffic, slow down a bit. Just drive along as trying to find the fastest moving lane really won’t save you much time! By slowing down, you can avoid potential collisions with jittery drivers who just don’t have the patience to deal with traffic delays.

Brake smoothly

Stop slamming on your bakes and brake smoothly. By stopping and starting your car without jerky motions, you can avoid knocking into bumpers and help traffic flow along at a better pace.

Maintain a buffer zone between vehicles

Driving a bit slower will also help you to keep a better buffer zone between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you maintain a reasonably sized buffer zone, you’ll have time to react to sudden braking by the cars ahead of you, or any erratic driving you might encounter.

Communicate your driving intentions

You have turn indicators and lights, and it’s a good idea to use them in order to communicate your driving intentions to those around you. While this is true all the time, especially in congested traffic! Letting other drivers know what you’re about to do helps them to prepare their own course of action and reduces the risk of getting into trouble. You can also use your lights to flash and signal other drivers to warn them of potential problems, while increasing the visibility of your own vehicle.


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