How to prevent pests from appearing in your car?

23/08/2016 English


For car lovers, your car is just like another home of yours. You probably hate finding you have a pest problem in your car! When ant, cockroach and other insects make a home in your car, it can become a major nuisance to you and your family. The worse case is when the presence of pests invites small animals to try to get into your car too. We usually don’t notice too often unless they die in our car and give off a horrible odor! So, how can we prevent these little pests from appearing in our car?

Keep it clean

Be sure to keep your car clean on a regular basis. This is the best way to deter pests from making themselves at home. Remove and wash all the seat covers and carpets in your car. You can also throw them in a dryer for 30 to 60 minutes. The washing machine together with heat from the dryer will kill the pests and any eggs that might be attached to them. Also, clean out all the debris from the floorboard and under your car’s seats.

Steam cleaning

One of the most common options. It uses steam to kill and flush out pests from their hiding places. This heat drives the pests out of your car. The heat also kills the pests in all the stages of their life-cycle, including the eggs. Steam cleaning is chemical and pesticide free and therefore safe for you and your family.

Vinegar, lemon and vanilla

Making a solution of vinegar and lemon or vanilla is a great way to keep bugs and spiders out because they don’t like the smells. There are other herbs that also turn away unwanted visitors, such as eucalyptus.


During the colder months, it is not uncommon to find rodents in cars. If you do have something like mice in your car, take action immediately as rodents can eat car wires creating an even larger problem!



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