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It can be a lot of fun to bring your canine companion along on road trips for pet lovers! But the fun could quickly turn to tragedy without the proper safety precautions in place. Accidents happen, but car restraints for dogs can help to reduce your pet’s chances of injury and may even save its life. During an incident, your car and any loose objects will quickly become dangerous projectiles, easily causing injury or death. An unrestrained dog is one of those projectiles. So, it is extremely important to keep your pet secured during the drive!

Different types of car restraints for dogs offer varying degrees of protection. Every pet owner should carefully make comparison and make their own decision about which type of travel protection will best serve their pets.

Dog seat belt has become a popular pet restraint item in recent years When choosing a dog seat belt, those with wide straps are the best, preferably lined with sheepskin for comfort. Wider straps distribute the impact pressure much more efficiently, lessening the chance of injury to your pet. Besides, you should look for an exact fit for your pet. A seat belt that is too large for your pet may allow it to slip out during an incident.

Dog car seats are similar to dog seat belts. But they offer a partially enclosed sitting area for your pet. Some designs are quite simple, with a basic canvas-box seat structure. Other designs are lined with sheepskin for greater comfort. Dog car seats provide some restraint for your pet. But many models do not meet the same standard of protection provided by some of the higher grade dog seat belt set ups.

Travel crates can provide a great deal of protection for your pet when you’re on the road. These crates are available in heavy gauge metal wire or high density polymer plastic. The plastic type has a small advantage over the wire because your pet’s legs will not poke through in the event of an incident. The travel crate will also protect your dog from being hit by other flying objects.

The higher the quality and protection for these types of restraint systems for your pets, the higher the price tag. Don’t skimp when it comes to your pet’s safety!


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