How to make the air-conditioning in a car cool enough?

01/06/2016 English


Under the high temperature of over 30 degrees in summer, car owners should have experienced the very hot and uncomfortable moment when they first get in their cars. Actually, 9 out of 10 car owners will turn on the car-conditioner at once in order to reduce the cabin temperature and enjoy the cool air around. This time, the Editor is not going to share with you the maintenance tips for car air-conditioning system. Instead, you will learn how to make the air-conditioning in a car cool enough!

Open air outlets

You may think no one will be so silly to open the air-conditioner with the air outlets closed! But some car owners really have got such experience. The air outlets are closed for many reasons. Sometimes, a passenger sitting in the car may feel too cold and close it. Or they just close it before getting off the car. So, you should double check if the air outlets are opened after turning on the air-conditioner in your car!

Direction of air outlets

The direction of air outlets is also very important to ensure that the cabin is cool enough after turning on the air-conditioner! The correct way is to turn the air outlets upwards. Since the cold air is normally moving downwards, this flow will be able to reduce the cabin temperature quickly.

The right steps of refrigeration

Want to enjoy the cooling atmosphere quickly after getting in your car in a hot day? You should then know about the right steps of refrigeration! Once the car owner and other passengers get in the car, the first thing to do is to exhaust the hot air out of the windows. By opening the car windows and sunroof as well as adjusting the fan speed to its maximum level, the hot air in the cabin can be gradually exhausted. The temperature difference between inside and outside of the cabin has already been largely reduced at this moment. After all, close the windows, press the refrigeration button and turn down the fan speed, the fastest refrigeration effect can then be achieved!


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