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12/04/2016 English


Car manufacturers are always attempting to explore and develop features incorporating new technology to attract buyers. Some of them have tried to entice customers with devices not offered by any other brands. And many of these features have become pretty common afterwards, like auto parking system, bluetooth, and GPS. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting car features introduced by a variety of car brands!

Bear-Proof Sunroof

To handle the weight of a bear jumping up and down on it, even if the bear is only jumping on one leg. It appears to be a very strange car feature. But it does have its actual uses for the US, European countries, and even Russia!

Gentleman Function

Any idea on what this function refers to? It enables the driver to increase the leg room for passengers sitting in the rear seat by pressing a switch to move the front seat forward. What a behavior of being a gentleman!

Sauce Holder

It’s really a sauce holder, not the one for a cup! It’s added to the middle row of seats so that passengers would have a place to store the little sauce packets that come with their meals from fast food restaurants, like those from McDonald’s or KFC!

Plug-in Electric Shaver

A necessity for men. We’re always saying that the excellent feeling of shaving for men is not something that others can experience and understand. This is obviously tailor-made for male drivers!

Perfume Diffuser

The diffuser is designed to come with the driver’s choice of four totally different scents, for the purpose of reducing the stress of driving. An interesting way to keep your car smelling fresh at all times!


While a flying car design has yet to be developed and launched to the market, experiencing some innovative and unique new car features would always be fun to drivers and car lovers!


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