Tips to keep calm when driving on the road

13/01/2016 English


Today, aggressive driving continues to be a serious problem on the road and is the cause of more than half of all traffic accidents. In fact, according to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 56% of fatal car crashes are at least a partial result of aggressive driving behavior. And according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), running a red light is considered the most dangerous aggressive driving behavior. Is having clam and restrained driving performance really so difficult?

No matter what other drivers are doing around you, you should always act courteously to avoid making the situation worse. Not sure what to do when confronted by an aggressive driver? Follow these tips which may help you!

  • Don’t engage aggressive drivers
  • Keep your distance with them
  • Avoid any eye contact with them
  • Don’t respond with obscene language or gestures
  • Don’t pull off to the side of the road to confront or even fight with an aggressive driver!

If an aggressive driver follows you or continues to put you in harm’s way, do not ever try to get out of the car or drive home. Instead, you can drive to a crowded area, call the police for assistance and even report the driver’s behaviour.

After all, do you wanna know if you are an aggressive driver? Anyway, follow these tips to keep you calm on the road!

  • Avoid driving while feeling angry
  • Give yourself enough time to drive to your destination and allow space for delays
  • Keep a three-second distance between you and the vehicle ahead
  • Let aggressive tailgaters pass and don’t tailgate other drivers
  • Use your horn sparingly
  • Focus on the road and your surroundings and avoid distracting activities, such as eating or talking on the phone
  • Remain in one lane rather than weaving in-and-out of traffic
  • Thank other drivers who let you cut in or signal an apology if you perform an accidental action, such as forgetting your signal when changing lanes.

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