Keep your car key well

03/03/2016 English


Contrary to regular home keys, car keys are not only used to unlock car doors, but also start a vehicle. Many car owners have ever experienced their car keys broken, lost or stolen. Many of these issues can actually be prevented if a few main points are kept in your mind. This time, the Editor would like to share with you how to keep your car key well!

Every time you are about to get out of your car, make sure that you’ve got the car key in your hand! This might sound “too obvious”. But there’re plenty of these real cases. So, make sure that the key is in your hand before you open the door and exit the car!

To play safe, every car owner should get a spare car key made. But it doesn’t mean that you should carry two identical car keys all the time. It will only double the risk of getting your car key lost or stolen. The purpose for doing this is to have a replacement key at home, in case there’s any problem for the other key. A duplicate is always cheaper to make than a brand new one from scratch!

When your smart car key is stolen, what should you do? The answer is very simple. Reprogram it immediately! Once this is done, the thief will be unable to start your car even though he has your original key. So, smart car key is somehow one of the best tools against car theft!


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