Keep your windscreen clear in winter

29/11/2016 English


In winter, it may take some time for the windscreen to clear due to the relatively low temperature. Even if you’ve scraped from the outside, the inside seems to steam up when the moment you get in. Take a look at the following tips for keeping a clear view of the road ahead during the winter months!

Do not wipe

Don’t be tempted to wipe the inside of the screen with a cloth. Although it might give you short-term relief, it will leave marks on your windscreen which could make it harder to see out of in the long run.

Use your heater

​If the inside of your car’s windscreen steams up once you’re inside, turn your heater to full force and full temperature, setting the flow of air to the windscreen. Even if it’s cold to begin with, it’ll warm up and the air will help clear it.

Use the air outside

Although it might be tempting to keep the warm air in, set your vehicle’s ventilation system to draw air from outside, this will again help in avoiding condensation building up.

Wait for it…

Finally, don’t move off until your windscreen, rear screen, side windows and door mirrors are free of moist or any condensation. Or it’s not only highly dangerous, you may also miss some cars coming and involve in an accident!


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