Motorcyclists’ suffer – hearing loss

24/10/2016 English


One in six people is affected by hearing loss from exposure to prolonged loud noises and it is expected to be higher among motorcycle riders! While a vacuum cleaner emits about 65dB and causes no hearing loss, listening to headphone music is about 94dB and can cause hearing loss after one hour. However, riders can experience prolonged noise levels of more than 100dB which is about the same as being in a nightclub! It’s not actually exhaust or engine noise that causes the biggest problem, but wind noise. The turbulence generated at high speeds can reach 103dB!

While hearing loss is a part of the natural ageing process, it is increased by prolonged exposure to excessive noise and riders are more than likely to experience greater hearing losses in their senior years. That’s why riders should have some form of hearing protection whenever they ride on relatively long trips. Earplugs can be one of the solutions, especially those are individually shaped to your ear for a comfortable and complete fit to block noise. There are also heaps of other earplugs with special filters and features. But any earplug is better than no earplugs.

Melissa Paris, who in 2013 earned her season-best 10th place finish in the AMA Championships, says the noise reduction effect of earplugs helps her focus and concentrate better when racing. When a racer finds a comfortable pair that works well, it really makes the riding experience that much better. And it keeps ears safe. When a racer is on the track, it’s really important to be able to focus solely on the road ahead and not having tons of wind noise!


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