Music types listened by drivers affect driving safety?

27/10/2015 English

Drivers have to focus attention on the road ahead and will not be able to look at TV or mobile phone screens while driving. So, entertainment or tools designed for drivers will not be something for looking at. Instead, that will be something that can only be listened to, such as radio programs and music, etc. While driving on the way, the eyes and hands of the driver are so busy that listening to radio programs or music may already be the best entertainment option. This is the reason why most of the radio advertising contents are related to car owners or drivers! Everyone’s musical taste is different. K songs, love songs, lively dancing songs, jazz, rock, classical, and even pure music are having their own fans. Previously, a foreign study found that the music types listened by drivers will affect driving safety! Now, let’s take a look at the drivers’ favorite music types and see whether they’re “safe"!

The study was conducted by an university professor from Israel who has been working on music psychology research for years. His remark, “There is only one place where selecting the wrong music can lead to death. That is your car”, is shocking everyone. It reveals the important relationship between music, emotion and driving.

This professor has pointed out that light music, heavy metal or rock songs will not be more dangerous than classical music. Because it’s not the different types of music affecting driving safety, but the relationship between the driver’s emotion and music! When the driver becomes emotional, they can easily be distracted. So, songs that make the listeners becoming happy, retrieving the past memories, or even getting excited will make them unconsciously beat time, or think about some other things in their mind. These also make the drivers distracted.

According to the statistics conducted over the past years, not concentrating on driving is the main reason for accidents. The study also recommends that drivers should avoid listening to songs that will seriously touch to their positive or negative emotions. And shifting songs can help changing the driver’s excitable emotions. Now, we believe that drivers should be aware of what type of songs to play while driving!

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