The new automotive tech features for 2016

19/02/2016 English


Technology changes so quickly nowadays! New features that would have been considered science fiction just a few years ago are becoming increasingly commonplace. There has been so much possibilities and potential energy in the industry that the future of the automotive world seems like it could go in plenty of directions! Automotive tech will change in more ways in 2016 and here are some new and hot ones!

Apple and Google in your car

As car owners seek a closer integration between their smartphones and cars, Apple and Google are taking actions for this. The tech giants are increasing their footprint in the automotive world in this year. Apple and Google are indeed partnering with major automakers to enhance their infotainment systems. With Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto, the car owners’ hesitation on their infotainment systems can be completely gone! Instead of running a car’s pre-programmed software, the systems sync effortlessly with the driver’s smartphone and run the same no matter which car models they’re installed in.

Automated technologies

High-tech driver assists are making their way to more mainstream vehicles! According to the automakers, consumers can expect to see advanced automated features trickle down to mainstream segments. Driverless cars combining lane-keeping technology and active cruise control which will be able to virtually drive itself on highways are about to be available in the market. Automated parking will be another important automotive tech in future. There will be a new series of cars being the first to be able to park itself without anyone in the driver’s seat. Owners will be able to use their key fob to direct their cars into a garage or parking spot.

Driver assists are leading the industry closer to building vehicles that are fully autonomous. While cars that can drive themselves are still some years away, automakers are beginning to go beyond the testing phase. That will be a big focus for automotive companies in 2016!


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