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Car owners have got many more choices since the Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks (PVRMs) Scheme is introduced by the Hong Kong Transport Department. You can now select your favourite combination of car plate numbers to personalize your car, just like selecting mobile phone numbers! Except buying a new car, some car owners may also change a new car plate with luck or special meanings to welcome the brand new Chinese New Year. This time, the Editor is going to share with you the tips and useful information for changing a new car plate!

For those car owners who believe in fortune telling and metaphysics, changing car plate should involve the calculation of the five elements! According to the Traditional Chinese Calendar, the day of “Start of Spring” is formally the starting of a new year. Car owners can also pick their lucky numbers and letters to form the combination of car plate numbers according to the philosophy of the five elements.

Applications of PVRMs are open in January, May and September each year, with a minimum spending of HK$5,000. Except the provision of more choices to car owners, the introduction of this scheme also fulfills the needs for those with personal style or believe in metaphysics. A car owner will be able to use a new car plate upon approval following a bidding exercise. And the application procedures can be divided into the following 6 stages.

Stage 1: Fill in the Application Form of PVRMs for submission

Stage 2: Selection of applications by lot

Stage 3: Checking against basic combination requirements

Stage 4: Deposit payment of HK$5,000 after receiving confirmation letter

Stage 5: Vetting

Stage 6: Auction according to the date and time set by Transport Department

What’s more, the total number of numbers and letters cannot be more than eight in your application for PVRMs while the 3 letters I, O and Q cannot be used. The combination should not include contents that are reasonably offensive or indecent. Also, it cannot be the same as the car plates of government vehicles (starting with AM), or cause any danger to road users and make confusion for enforcement. Wanna get a new car plate to welcome the brand new year? The coming Lunar New Year Auction of Vehicle Registration Marks will be held on 21 February 2016. For more details, feel free to visit the Transport Department website.


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