The must-watch Oscar Award nominated movie for car lovers – Mad Max: Fury Road

22/02/2016 English


The 88th Academy Awards is going to be held on 28 Feb (US Time)! As usual, the list of nominated movies has become very famous before the ceremony. Naming as a masterwork of action movie, Mad Max: Fury Road, is a must-watch movie for car lovers! The exciting and breathless action scenes of the movie are of course excellent. But what really make car lovers getting crazy are the amazing refit vehicles. Let’s take a look at how strong these refit vehicles are before the ceremony!



The signature original and muscle vehicle owned by the leading male actor, Max. The supercharged engine standing on the hood is the focus of the entire vehicle.


The Nux Car

A super-turbocharged, nitrous-boosted coupe owned by the main actor, Nux, with many spears equipped.


The War Rig

A combination of a trailer and a hotrod from the 1940s with twin V8 engines and 6 wheel-drive, which has been described as the most important object other than the actors and actresses in the movie.



A supercharged V8 Volkswagen classic Bettle operating as the convoy guard for the gastown. The interesting horizontal cracking tower is the fuel truck.


The Peacemaker

The design combination of a tank and Ford two-door vehicle driving on the desert, with a super large compartment.


The Big Foot

A supercharged V8 driving 66-inch terra tyres enables a vehicle excellent for moving on rocks.


Doof Wagon

The vehicle equipped with giant speakers owned by the guitarist, keeping the beat and stirring the heart in the war.

The movie is created with the background of global lacking of energy and food. Each role fight to survive and hence a lot of refit vehicles are born! In a real life, of course, we cannot create refit vehicles like these ones! According to the insurance policy, the insurance company must be informed with any addition and modification of the vehicle. And this should be conducted by a certified technician after getting the approval of Transport Department. So, car owners should avoid unauthorized modification of vehicles.

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