Parents can affect the driving habits of next generations

09/11/2016 English


From the very first moment children get into a car with their parents, they observe their parents’ driving behaviours and hence pick up any bad driving habits! Studies have shown that drivers under 25 years old already have exceptionally high risk of being in a crash. Parents need to be aware of their own bad driving habits so as not to pass them on to children, and hence increase their risk of having a crash even further!

Aggressive behaviour on our roads, road rage and other dangerous habits are easily passed on and learnt from an early age. If a new learner driver fails to use their indicators or drives very close to the car in front, it may be due to the fact that they’ve seen their parents do so. Other bad driving habits include braking hard or too late, poor use of mirrors, using a mobile phone while driving, cutting in on other drivers, etc. These are all habits parents could be passing on to their children. And these habits could end up costing them their lives!

Risky driving behaviour by teenagers is too often learned through observing their parents. So, if you’re keen to eliminate your own bad habits and help your children learn to drive in the safest possible way, start to do it today!


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