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24/05/2016 English


Car owners, motorists and professional drivers hate to receive the “gift” of fixed penalty for illegal parking. It’s heard that the penalty amount will be added again! In Hong Kong, the problem of parking has always brought a headache to motorists. Someone may need to reserve half an hour to one hour for searching a parking space when outing for shopping, movies or dining. Some professional drivers may need to write about their “sad stories” on the vehicle windscreen to avoid being fined. And someone may even get fighting for just a parking space. This time, the Editor is going to share with you some parking tips to avoid receiving penalty under the situation of plenty of vehicles with insufficient parking spaces!

Check the parking information of the destination in advance

Unlike any others, motorists should first search for a parking space and settle the car before doing anything. So, do some planning before your departure! There are many free mobile map Apps for which you can check all the carpark and parking meter information nearby a specific location.

Search parking space by using parking App

Quite a number of mobile Apps with parking space searching functions have been launched to provide parking solutions for motorists. When driving, we mainly search parking space by locations. But the current parking Apps available in the market are mostly created by carpark operators for which you can only search for the real-time parking information in the carparks they owned. So, if we wanna search for a parking space making use of these Apps, we should first know about which carpark we’re going to!

Ask a friend

The problem of insufficient parking space still exists nowadays. But there are quite many carparks and parking meters throughout Hong Kong. Sometimes, new ones are open and old ones are closed (especially outdoor carparks). The information available online or in mobile Apps may sometimes not be updated. Asking friends who are familiar with the road conditions and environment of that area can be one of the most reliable methods.

Spare parking plan

Since no one will know about the actual situation of parking spaces there, search for more related parking information and get a spare parking plan in mind for use.

Accumulate experience
With more and more parking experiences, you will be getting familiar with the road conditions, parking space and locations in different regions. And you may even be the one who is asked by your friends about parking information one day!


Don’t perform illegal parking even you’ve spent a long time for searching a parking space. It violates the law and you may bear an even bigger cost than without a parking space!


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